Plush / Grabber Prizes

 We supply a nice range of quality toy and plush prize everytime grabber mixes for your coin operated arcade machines. Ideal for use in £1 and £2 prize every time claw machines and percentage win machines. Our grabber prizes come in all soft plush toy mixes or mixed toy and plush mixes to suit your needs.

 Our grabber prize mixes are always exciting to the eye, this ensures that they help project extra revenue from the machines into your business. Not only can these mixes be used in arcade grabber machines as seen in children's play centres, arcades, ice rinks, family pubs etc, they are also ideal as redemption prizes and premium party bag fillers.

 Vendaball Ltd is a wholesale supplier to the leisure and retail trade, with many customers in the UK and Europe. We specialise in coin operated related toy vending supplies and machines and grow our business through offering value for money, high quality and hot selling in demand toys

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 products
Showing 1 - 2 of 2 products

200 pieces of assorted variety of quality soft plush and novelty toys, ideal  for £1 prize everytime cranes.

Ideal for the leisure industry and retail

Sold at wholesale trade prices

£2 Prize Every Time 4" Plush Footballs x 12

Great value and assorted designs of plush footballs, ideal for arcade crane and grabber prizes or use as retail or redemption toys