Tattoo Vending Machines - 4 Head Free Standing and Wall Mounted 2 Headers

Tattoo Vending Machines - 4 Head Free Standing and Wall Mounted 2 Headers

 When we introduced our flatpack temporary tattoos to our range of toy vending products back in middle of April they sold out almost straight away, we will soon be back in stock over the next few weeks.

 Our speciality tattoo vendors have now left the far east a little later than expected and are now due for delivery end of July / beginning of August. On this delivery we have a choice from either a large 4 choice free standing tattoo vending machine or the 2 head wall mounted version, which also can be mounted via a floor stand if preferred. they both come priced very competitively at £329 + vat for the 4 head system and £129 + vat for the 2 head system.

 These coin operated, tattoo amusement vendors will have a coin denomination choice of either 50p, £1 or 1 Euro vend and available in red and are ideal for a wide variety of locations such as pubs, clubs, bowling alleys, trampoline parks, indoor markets, convenient stores, ice rinks, children's soft play etc. In fact any location you get a footfall of children aged 3 years - 12 years.

 Tattoo vending machines can not only vend flat pack tattoo's, but you can also vend stickers and trading cards through them such as Spiderman and Pokemon etc.

 These exciting tattoo machines require very little foot print, and for space used provides excellent return on investment through both high sales and great profit margins from designs such as DC Justice League, Harry Potter, Hello Kitty, Sharks, Snakes, Skulls, Fairies etc, which ensures there something for everyone.

 Produced from a factory known for its high reliability means you can purchase these 4 column and 2 column tattoo vending machines with confidence. Each machine is fitted with rotary coin mechanisms making it easier to use for children as opposed to machines using straight 6 mechs.

 Could your business benefit from a tattoo vending machine, novelty capsule vendor or sweet vendor ? then get in touch today to discuss you're requirements or check out the full range at