About Us


Vendaball Ltd is a newly established toy vending supplies business started in January 2023.

With decades of experience in both wholesale and novelty vending machine operations, husband and wife team Mike and Cathy Sheppard look forward to working with you in the near future with the aim to grow together. We aim to bring professionalism and enthusiasm to the world of novelty toy vending along with great customer service and high quality fast selling products, specialising in toy vend machines, novelty filled toy vending capsules, chupa chups, plush toys such as prize every time and wholesale bouncy balls.

We ship out thousands of toy vending capsules everyday to all over the UK and Europe via our courier partner, Parcelforce directly to our customers in both the retail and leisure industry running businesses such as childrens soft play centres, bowling alleys, convenience stores, pubs, clubs, ice rinks, holiday parks and coin operated amusement gaming arcades to name a few.

We also supply independent vending machine operators running toy and sweet coin operated vending machines both in there local area and across the country on a commission basis where there is no cost to the premises they are located at and the operator pays you a rental in the form of a profit share of the turnover. This is a win win situation for the business owner as it never costs you a penny and you get paid each and everytime the toy and sweet vending machines are serviced.  If profit share is something you are interested in, contact us today and we will get your local rep to get in touch to discuss your needs. 

 Check out our website today for the current toy vending supplies that we offer, all at unbelievable low cost wholesale prices.