60/65/69mm Vending Capsules

 Here at vend-a-ball, we stock a wide range of vending toys inside vending capsules. Here you will find our latest stock of 69mm filled vending capsules. Our range can vary from big global brand collectibles such as Marvel, Disney, PJ Masks, Barbie, Peppa Pig, Hot Wheels Etc to our own branded Vend-A-Ball range of toy vending supplies which specialise in the latest trends, such as flashing, squishy, sticky, stretchy, inflatables and fidget vending toys plus so much more.

 Our vending capsule range will continue to adapt to suit the current on trend demands and the needs of the vending machine operator who operate these toy vending machines in locations such as soft play centres, family entertainment centres, pubs, clubs, arcades etc.

 All our novelty toy vending capsules are purchased in huge volume, so we can offer you the best wholesale prices in the business. Feel free to check out our current range of wholesale toy vending capsules for coin operated toy machines and add your name to the mailing list to receive our special offers and new product alerts when we send them, don't worry we don't bombard you with emails, usually only 2 or 3 informative emails a month at most.

 Vendaball Ltd is a wholesale toy vending supplier to the leisure and retail trade, with many customers in the UK and Europe. We specialise in coin operated related toy vending supplies and machines and grow our business through offering value for money, high quality and hot selling in demand toys

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 products
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 products

Great collection of 12 animal foil balloons,such as Penguin, elephant, seal, crocodile, lion, panda, beaver, tiger, fox, bear, rabbit, hippo's and they are huge at approx 63cm each in size.

Ideal for £1 coin operated vending machines with the appropriate setting for these 63 - 69mm capsules as used in toy machines such as Tomy, Bandai, Discapa and Nova stations in the vending and leisure industry, located in venues such as arcades, holiday parks, family themed pubs, ice rinks, bowling alleys, shopping malls and childrens soft play centres. 

Trade cost is just 34p + vat per filled capsule

65mm Vending Capsules - Animal Poppers x 50

Each capsule contains a fantastic fidget popper toy in the shape of an animal, there loads of find and collect such as ducks, frogs and elephants.

65mm Vending Capsules - Bangle Bones x 50

These superb bangle bones fidget toys, will be a sure fire hit in your machines, there are 4 different designs o find and collect, 2 fish skeletons and 2 dinosaurs skeletons in 4 assorted colours.

65mm Vending Capsules - Jungle Build x 50

The Jungle Build collection will wow and amaze your customers as each capsule contains enough building blocks to build a fantastic jungle animal. Find and collect all 12 models to assemble the giant Elephant.

60mm Vending Capsules - Minions x 100

This is a great collection of 2D Minions on suction cups with 5 of them to find and collect.